Note: The registration fee is fully refunded within 2 hours in case of unsuccessful registration due to vacancy fill-up.

 The job of the data entry workers is to convert paper-based books into E-books. This is basically a   typing project. Most of our projects are from international clients based in Europe and the US. All   our projects are in English. You would receive your assignments in your Email Id.

 The data entry projects with us are all offline in nature. You would  require internet connectivity only   for receiving and sending your work.  Once you download the project, you can do it offline. Download   the Sample Data Entry Project. Your work would be exactly similar to this Sample.


​​​How to join us:

Once we receive your Id and Application, we would send you the registration fee payment link within an hour. After you pay the registration fees for your plan, you would receive the work attachments, Employee Id, instructions, etc in your Email within 2 hours.

First of all, check the data entry plan table given above and follow the instructions given below:

​​​Data Entry Plans:

 i). You should be in possession of any of the following ID proof: Passport, Driver's License, Voter Id,   School/College Certificates, Aadhar etc. An Id proof  has to be submitted at the time of joining.

ii). Minimum 16 years of age at the time of joining us. However, there has been no maximum age   limit fixed for applying for our data entry projects. No minimum educational qualification is required.

iii). You would receive your salary on Monthly or daily basis in your bank account through online   transfer. Those candidates who do not have a bank account of their own can use account of any other   person for receiving payments.​​

Data Entry Job Description:

Total vacancies left: 17

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements:


CIN: U51909DL2003PTC119212 / Registration No: 119212

The data entry project has been divided into the following 2 plans:


Last date to apply: 2nd May 2024

Send the following 2 documents

i). Screenshot / Photo of your Aadhar or Voter Id or any other Govt. document containing your name and address.

ii). Filled-up Application Form. Download the Application Form.​​ ​

​Note: You have to completely fill the Application Form. Blank Application Form would be rejected.


 Ashima Tech Pvt Ltd is a 21 years old company   running since 3rd March 2003. We are based in   Delhi, providing various data entry and online 

 marketing solutions to our clients.

 Currently, we are having vacancies for data

 entry operators throughout the country.

 You can apply online for the vacancies for 2024.​​​​​


Data Entry Plans


Maximum pages limit

1000 pages per month2000 pages per month

Income per page


Maximum monthly income


Payment Cycle

Monthly basisDaily basis

Validity of Plan

2 YearsLifetime

Registration Fees (one time)



Full refund after 1 yearFull refund after 2 months


 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


 Q). What should be the minimum typing speed required to work here as a data entry operator?​​​
 A). There is no specific typing speed required for our data entry projects. The higher is the typing speed, the lesser time it takes to complete the project. There is no   time limit or minimum targets to be completed. You get paid depending upon the number of pages you complete and submit.

 Q). What is the accuracy level to be maintained in this data entry project?
 A). 15 errors in a page is permitted. The pages which contain more than 15 errors are not eligible for any payment.  Errors are counted only for spelling mistakes   and punctuation like coma, hyphen, etc. No errors are counted for space, alignment, word position, etc.

 Q). How to distinguish between a genuine online project and any other online scam/fraud company on the internet?
 A). Before registering with any online program, all candidates must confirm the legitimacy of the company. Any company providing jobs through  the internet must   be registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), under the Government of India and should be in possession of a  valid Registration Number and CIN.   Anyone can check the status of a company online by visiting the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MCA at:

 Q). Why is the income per page different from one data entry plan to another?
 A). The income per page differs from Rs.20 to Rs.45 depending upon a plan. The plan-I consists of Indian projects only, whereas the plan-II has international data   entry projects from Canada, UK, Australia, USA, etc. The rate per page differs, as we get less amount for domestic projects and higher amount for overseas projects.

 Q). Why is the registration fee taken and when is it refunded?
 A). The registration fee is taken as a security deposit, so that if a candidate quits all of a sudden, the company does not have to face any loss due to his/her   incomplete work. The registration fee for plan-I is refunded after 1 year of joining and for plan-II, it is refunded after 2 months of joining. 

 Q). What is the registration process? How long does it takes to start the work?
 A). The registration process is very simple and can be completed within a couple of hours. Choose a data entry plan you want to join and click on the 'Register'   link below. Follow the step-by-step instructions given in our 'Register' page. After successful registration you receive the work attachments, instruction file, employee   Id, etc within 2 hours. You can then start the  work after downloading those attachments from your Email Id.​